Magda FOKT

Magda Fokt comes from Warsaw where she lives and works. She has graduated with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Painting Department, from the studio of professor Rajmund Ziemski. 2109 – earned a PhD degree at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. She is a president of the FRONT SZTUKI Association. She works with the use of oil painting techniques, acrylic, collage, relief on paper and canvas. Experiments with going beyond the boundaries of the canvas. She creates installations and objects inspired by landscape, which is a starting point for her search within the realm of abstraction.

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Graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Diploma in Painting in Professor Rajmund Ziemski studio in 1997. She passed PhD exam in University in Kielce in 2012. The subject of her PhD thesis is “Art as a recycling of reality”. In 2020 she passed her habilitation in University in Krakow. She works as a teacher of painting in The Social Academy of Science in Warsaw. She presented her works on about ten individual exhibitions.


He graduated from painting faculty of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and philosophy on the University of Warsaw. The artist’s main field of activity is oil painting and drawing, but he also uses multimedia, installations, animation and video. The imagines he creates are the echo of basic experiences. Forms and lines are the elements of the inner landscape – the domain of homo pictor with its freedom of internal drafting which forms the real base of our experience: personal mythology.

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Born in 1984 in Wrocław. An artist specializing in painting, drawing and graphic design – aspecially making illustrations and posters. She is inspired by pop culture: politics, television, film, comic books, literature and what can be seen on the street. She works as a lecturer at the Departement of Graphics at Academy of Social Science and Warsaw School of Photography in Warsaw.

Agnieszka ZAWISZA

Agnieszka Zawisza is a painter, visual artist and art teacher. She studied at the Warsaw Art Academy, Department of Painting (1994-2000), obtaining a Master’s degree with honours in the year 2000. She recently obtained a Ph.D in the field of Fine Arts at the Łódź Art Academy. Oil painting is her most frequently used medium, but the artist also uses collage and other techniques on paper. Numerous solo shows and frequent involvement in group exhibitions are evidence of her prevailing qualities of being active as an artist and member of the artistic community.


Visual artist, painter. Diploma with distinction at the Painting Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2006. Founder of the Association of Art Front Sztuki, which aims to promote art. As a long-time president of the FRONT SZTUKI Association. Featured in the „Painting of the season in Warsaw” in 2007 and in the First International Competition „NUDE” in 2008. Zwoniarska creates in oil and acrylic painting techniques and collage, experimenting on canvas and paper. In her paintings she touches on topics related to human and nature, most often in the form of a female act. She creates an intimate story about a woman by passing the story through a filter of her own experiences and emotions.