On Connection

Le Monsieur Flash (FR), Doris Dittrich (AT), Anca Vintila Dragu (ROU), Doris Kapner (US), Miss Bubblebliss (AT), Piotr Ambroziak (PL), Agnieszka Zawisza (PL)

Curator: Doris Dittrich


Contemplating the power of art to create a dialogue between cultures (and human beings), the exhibition “ON CONNECTION” offers an insight into the discourse of artists of multiple countries and disciplines. While opening a wide field of topics through the different practises of each artist, the exhibition weaves a red thread correlating their positions.

The Ministry of Artists is an international collective of artists and audience based in Vienna, Austria; this first collaboration with Front Sztuki marks the beginning of exchange and interaction between the two cultural associations.

Anca Vintila Dragu_Blue Jinks
Doris Dittrich Venus Project_3-Positive and Negative Liberty
Miss Bubblebliss Flying High Diving Deep-46binary comment
Le Monsieur Flash Claude
Piotr Ambroziak Untitled 2
Doris Kapner Whiskey Whore
Agnieszka Zawisza Untitled