My Titnic Online

Maria Piątek

26.10.2021 – 12.11.2021

In the works shown at the “My Titanic Online” exhibition, the viewer will find many images and symbols belonging to the collective imagination: slogans taken from advertisements, song texts, images of characters known from popular movies. On the canvases, they form a sequence of endless associations and constitute a kind of story about private perception of reality around.
For Maria Piątek, the visual messages that bombard us every day are the building blocks of her painterly language, which the artist uses to describe a kind of catastrophe of the excess of stimuli that surrounds us. By juxtaposing individual images into a new whole, she tries to give them a personal, even intimate character, appropriating them for her own use to describe what is in close proximity to her. Intricately built constructions of connected signs make up the image of everyday life doomed to inevitable passing. Painting, with sequences of signs in it, is a testimony of being here and now, being in touch – BEING ONLINE.