Two Swipes Right

Kasia Łoś

Curator: Alek Slon

20.06.2021 – 31.07.2021

The photographs presented at the Two Swipes Right exhibition at TA3 Gallery are the first of its kind in Poland. Kasia Łoś’s photos document her meeting with men she met thanks to the popular Tinder dating application. The artist visited her characters in their apartments, crossing the barrier of a perfect virtual world and her comfort zone. Armed with a camera-shield, she entered the personal space of strangers, where she could get to know their more credible self, often different from the photos they themselves published in the application. During the project lasting over a year, the artist made several dozen shots – portraits, interiors and personal objects. Black-and-white, high-contrast images bring to mind the sociological works of Zofia Rydet, and are also associated with the somewhat brutalist style of Nan Goldin, capturing the uncensored nightlife of New York. Kasia Łoś uses photography to meet other people and record the accompanying tension.